We rely on professional opinions in most all aspects of our lives. When making the single largest investment possibly in your life, why should this be any different? We recommend that you attend the inspection if at all possible. As well as inspecting all the major and mechanical components of your home, we also cover aspects such as general maintenance, upkeep, and possible future conditions. Upon completion of your inspection, your inspector will write up a comprehensive report. The report will then be electronically mailed to you and your Realtor within 24 hours of the inspection.

  1. All inspectors at Kustom Home Inspection are LICENSED by the State Of Ohio Department Of Commerce to perform home inspections and are therefore required to maintain established standards and requirements as determined by the state of Ohio.
  2. All inspectors at Kustom Home Inspection are CERTIFIED (or are working towards full certification) by A.S.H.I and are therefore required to maintain established professional criteria.
  3. We offer the client a comfort level warranty for 120 days, and a 96 page owners manual on how to operate their home, free of charge.
  4. Kustom Home Inspection  carries E&O Insurance that  includes an endorsement for brokers and real estate agents (at no expense to the agent).
  5. We use an electronically generated reporting system complete with digital photos.
  6. We not only do home inspections, we are certified / licensed to perform mold, termite, radon, environmental inspections and have access to a structural engineer for our clients.
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Meet our Kustom Home Inspectors (Click an inspectors name below to be taken to their page)

  1. Ken Harrington, Owner, State of Ohio Licensed Home Inspector, Senior ASHI Certified Inspector, ACI, WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Licensed, Radon Licensed, Mold Licensed, Instructor with the ASHI School
  2. Kyle Harrington, State of Ohio Licensed Home Inspector, ASHI Associate Inspector, WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Licensed and Radon Licensed.